Real Estate

Complete your Real Estate Investments Wisely.

Real Estate Law traditionally includes buying, selling and refinancing property. It can also include transfers between family members or to/from corporations. Real estate is often one of the biggest investments - if not the biggest investment that individuals make. Selling those investments directly impacts financial well-being, so it is important to engage the services of a real estate lawyer who inspires confidence in her ability to complete the transaction professionally and with regard for its significance.


Close the Deal.

Those buying property, whether new or used, engage the services of lawyers to complete their deals. Lawyers conduct the necessary searches while typically preparing mortgage documentation on behalf of mortgage companies or banks.

Real estate lawyers meet with buyers to:

  • review, explain, and sign all mortgage and purchase documents

  • collect any monies required for closing

  • prepare for registering the transfer of title and mortgage

After the meeting, Lawyers complete a hosting of additional steps that ultimately lead to buyers taking possession of homes or properties including:

  • the registration of titles and mortgages

  • exchange of funds

  • communicating with the sellers' lawyer to ensure the title is cleared of the sellers' legal interests



Find An Advocate In Your Transaction.

Often sellers are surprised to learn that they will require a lawyer.

Real estate lawyers work with sellers to:

  • prepare necessary documentation for title transfer

  • receive sale proceeds

  • pay mortgages or debts secured by the property

  • pay real estate commissions owing

There are a number of additional services related to property transfer that real estate lawyers navigate with sellers.


Set Yourself Up For Success.

Homeowners will often need a lawyer in relation to refinancing when mortgages come up for renewal, when changing mortgage companies altogether, and when owners are added and/or removed from title in conjunction with a mortgage.